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Blurry images, no matter what...

ShanestaShanesta Posts: 63Member
Im not sure what the deal is with GameSalad, but there is some blurring happening when the images are displayed. I have tried jpg, and png (with and without alpha channel) that are all 72 DPI.

I even checked the actual image files inside the Gamesalad package, I overlayed it over the original in Photoshop, and there identical, but ingame the look slightly blurry and washed out.

Is Gamesalad doing some kind of bilinear filtering on the ingame graphics or something? It has to be. I would love to be able to turn this off, if that is the case.

When dealing with graphics for a screen this small, we need the graphics to look identicle to the source. Especially if it is being displayed at the exact resolution 1 to 1.


  • ShanestaShanesta Posts: 63Member
    Just do this to test, load a image with a lot of fine detail into GameSalad, place it in the scene scaled to it's exact size. Then, open it up with the Preview image viewer program, anf set it to actual size. Put them side by side, and you can easily tell that Gamesalad is bluring the images.
  • ktfrightktfright Posts: 964Member
    you sure, cause that dpi thing has to be spot on so your stuff wont be blurry. you use photoshop?
  • ShanestaShanesta Posts: 63Member
    Yea, if you do Save for Web & Devices, it is correct.
  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey Posts: 1,803Head Chef, Member, PRO
    CodeMonkey to the rescue!!!!

    I think I found it. There is something in the way that the engine places the actor that it gets blurry if it is at exactly a whole number on at least one dimension. We will examine this further for future releases. But until then, if you manually edit an instance, and add/subtract .5 from its position, then usually it will clear up the image on the GameSalad Creator scene editor.

    EDIT: Currently, if it is blurry on the scene, it seems sharp on the GameSalad Viewer. We're looking into it.
  • ShanestaShanesta Posts: 63Member
    Cool, that works on stationary images. Nice tip CodeMonkey!!

    What about moving objects? I guess they will still have the bluring.
  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey Posts: 1,803Head Chef, Member, PRO
    Fix is coming in the next build. Moving and still images/objects. Ignore my previous post. :)
  • ShanestaShanesta Posts: 63Member
  • ktfrightktfright Posts: 964Member
    this might not relate, but for my stickman game, my image sizes are very large, but the actors for them are at most 16x32 for most of them, but when i try to resize them, and save them for web on photoshop,and put them on GS, theycome out blurry. i want to decrease the image size, but then they are not as sharp as before. what can i do? (note- i use photoshop and pixen.)
  • ktfrightktfright Posts: 964Member
    nevermind, my dpi for all my images were 300 instead of 72.Opps :)
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