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Please Help Me!

FallingBoxStudiosFallingBoxStudios Freelance Graphic DesignerMember Posts: 822
Hey, my name is Hunter, I have a couple huge problems that I'm hoping someone can solve. I'm creating an iPhone game using GameSalad. One of the features of the game will be a character store were you can buy characters to use in the game, each character will take you to a different level. You will have to collect coins in the game which will be the money used for the store. And the game will be an endless runner But my problems are..

1: How can I create coins that can add up to a total amount for every time you play, and can also be spent for the store?

2: Once the money is spent on whatever character you buy how can that character go from being non-playable to being playable permanently, and disappear from the store

3: Since the game is an endless runner how do you make the background behind the character and the enemies move and get faster over time to make it harder, and how do I make them keep repeating them self’s and never end.

I really hope I explained my problems clearly enough, Thanks - Hunter Afia


  • KevinCrossKevinCross London, UKMember Posts: 1,893
    edited August 2013
    1. Have a game attribute called total coins and add to that after every run i.e. coins = coins + game.coins collected this run. Be sure to save the attribute at the end of each run too.

    2. Again game attributes or a table to store some booleans should sort this. You will have to save the game attributes or table data once one of the characters have been unlocked.

    3. There's plenty of tutorials and examples for endless runners, and a couple of different approaches to do this. I'm working on a vertical endless scrolling game. They're actually quite simple to do.
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