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Oculus Rift!! The VrJam Contest IS OVER! Nerding Out Time With My Indie Dev Families

waymanharriswaymanharris Posts: 294Member
edited August 2013 in Conferences and Events

I'm not out to promote any competitive software, only discuss the Virtual reality contest I entered with the Oculus rift Hardware. So let's avoid software use discussions guys!
I've entered a few GameSalad contest as well. So I have a pretty impressive record for losing these indie game competitions. Ha

Feel free to nerd out with me over my entry, tell me what you guys think. I've even submitted a build for those interested in playing my entry...

Titled: "DronPit"... Not to be confused with drone! This is a Sci-fi space shooter where you control “The Rider” as he prevents the Android Aliens from destroying his city Sectors.

This game only uses the Oculus. No Controller, No Keyboard, No Mouse... 100% Oculus Rift... This version is “NOT DIFFICULT TO BEAT” sorry for the last buggy upload. I was notified that it was impossible to complete a level. A few scripting errors on my part.


“Click here to download from sendspace”

PC BUILD/ Oculus Build:

MAC BUILD/ Oculus Build:

Unfortunately everyone doesn’t have an Oculus Rift; weird, I know right?!
This is for you nerdy game lovers, formatted for PC, and Mac Standalones.
But you do miss out on the experience the oculus developers love.
-Community Builds

PC BUILD/ NO Oculus Needed:

MAC BUILD/ NO Oculus Needed:

Feedback please. I'm pretty sure this doesn't violent any of the GS forum rules, but if it does. Let me know.
Enjoy guys and gals


  • waymanharriswaymanharris Posts: 294Member
    Where is the love indie heads?
    Where is the love?
    SMH :-O

    Okay, everyone working on their own stuff. I get it. :)>-
  • BoomshackBarryBoomshackBarry Posts: 712Member
    From the video it looks pretty cool :) I haven't had a chance to download the game though, I'm at work right now. I bet it's a really immersive experience playing it on the rift though!

    I'm guessing the game auto-fires as soon as you're locked on to a target? That's cool, it's kind of like the oculus rift version of a one-button game like jetpack joyride, nice and easy for non-gamers to get in to. Providing they have an oculus rift already haha :)

    Why not check out my development blog?

  • waymanharriswaymanharris Posts: 294Member
    You sir are very right. I wanted to make sure people new to the rift would have no problem diving right into my entry and experiencing the madness. Just wanted to keep it simple.

    I've also uploaded a version that does not require an individual to have the oculus as well.

    -The "Community Builds" listed below...

    The PC/Mac standalone build links have been posted too. Thanks for the comment, I know it's hard for people to pull themselves away from their on priorities these day. Your too kind! :-* ^:)^
  • BoomshackBarryBoomshackBarry Posts: 712Member
    No worries, I'll try and get round to playing the non rift version when I get home later. It's no good here at work - our PCs can barely run Microsoft office without crashing :)

    Why not check out my development blog?

  • waymanharriswaymanharris Posts: 294Member
    Cool man, just wanted to share it. Hell, it's free.Ha
    Thanks again :-B
  • skottskott Posts: 172Member
    Wow thats pretty cool. The game is almost suitable for making sit ups the same time playing. When an enemy is approaching over your head, sit back, and when it's in front of you up again. Could make sit ups fun to do :)

    Looks really good :)
  • waymanharriswaymanharris Posts: 294Member
    Lol, never thought about it like that; but sure! That could work, thanks man.Ha :-j
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