• birdboybirdboy Member Posts: 284
    Tomorrow I will give it a shot, it's past midnight right now. :)

    But i gotta say that your game looks and sounds beautiful (love those ambient sounds and music styles depending on the location). It also looks much more refined than most of the GameSalad Games i've seen so far. Great work so far, i'll add some feedback on the gameplay after having played it.

  • zoopezoope Member Posts: 210
    @Hoodloc Thanks mate, let us know how you go playing it.

    Any feedback, especially from a game dev is always welcome.
  • muoch10muoch10 Member Posts: 112
    It looks very interesting... The sound/music really impresses me... I gotta ask, though, did you make the sound/music or did you buy it?
  • zoopezoope Member Posts: 210
    @muoch10 Thanks for the comment.

    Music was purchased, but I have mixed it myself for real sounds.

    Audio was purchased, but for most character sounds we used my wife's voice :D

    You can check out that info on the credit screen.
  • birdboybirdboy Member Posts: 284
    edited September 2013
    Hey zoope, here's some short feedback on the gameplay in the first three worlds.

    Maybe you already know about this but there is a problem with the cage. In World 4 - Level 1 it dropped through the floor and afterwards the same thing happened in every other level I've started (World 1 - 3). The only way to fix this was closing the game completely and restarting it. I have no idea what causes this behavior.

    I really liked the first two worlds. There are a lot of clever ideas for using the aliens in different ways and most of the levels feel fresh. I found only one mildly annoying "bug": the green jumping alien sometimes just stops sliding on spots where two tiles underneath it overlap or touch each other. I don't know if you can do something about it because it only happens sometimes and i couldn't reproduce it.

    The third world was still fun but some levels felt less remarkable and a bit chaotic because they were littered with copies of the new block you introduce there. I think replacing some lesser important ones of those blocks with normal blocks could reduce this effect. By that i don't mean to lessen the challenge.

    That's it for now. When i find the time i'll continue with world four. The bus looks like a fun new gameplay element. Overall you've done a really fantastic job. The art, the sound and the gameplay are top notch. :)

    Good luck with your sales!
  • ikhoataikhoata Member Posts: 53
    I use your game as an Angry Birds app reference for my game.
    The music in world 1 is so cute.
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