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Can't get a Star counting system to log best results.

Hello. I've been having a problem for quite a while and can't figure it out, no matter how many Youtube videos I watch.

My game is the common 3 star system and main achieving goal.
Each level contains 3 stars and they can be collected and be recorded in the Level Select area.
Currently, the problem is that on the level select tiles the best star count is not recorded, rather the most recent one.

game.Stars is my star counter.

My code after game.LevelComplete is set to true is:
When Game.Stars is > Than tableCellValue(Game.Table Stars, self.What Level Am I ,1)...Change table value to:
Table:Table Stars
Row: self.What Level Am I
Value: game.Stars

and then after that I have "Save Table: TableStars"

Where the text is displayed the code for the Display Text is:
tableCellValue( game.Table Stars, self.What Level Am I,1)

All help is appreciated! Thanks guys.

Best Answer

  • HC_DKHC_DK Posts: 92Member
    Accepted Answer
    As @KevinCross already said, your code looks like it should.
    Have you checked that the code in the actor on the scene is the same as the "original" actor?
    I have experienced that eventhough I made changes in the "original" actor, the actor on the scene was not "updated". The scene actor was still LOCKED when this happened.

    Hope you get the picture....


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