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Greetings, My game is a beat em up side scrolling game, when the player reach the end of the scene, the game art resets with a fading actor, this happens 4 times. thought that the memory would reset when entering the next scene, but the game aventually crashes in about 200mb. Is that Just the viewer or the actual installed android apk would work properly? Thanks a lot in advance!


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    Hey, i've noticed this on my iPad too. Somehow the image memory seems to stack until you switch to a pause scene. That's incredibly hindering and should be fixed immediately. To get into a level in my game i have to switch scenes two times: title screen - overworld - level. As soon as i enter a level the image memory easily exceeds 150mb. Pausing the game increases it by another 10mb but when i unpause it afterwards the image memory drops under 25mb total. That's unaccaptable because it inevitably leads to a crash in some bigger games.

    After around three or four scene changes this behavior magically stops and the image memory resets after every scene change. But depending on the game that could be too late (like it is in your case).

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    Thanks for your reply! I published an apk and the game crashes even faster than the viewer test, i tried with the nightly build with its viewer and crashes in just one scene change. i will to publish with the nightly build, if I'm not mistaken i saw a post saying something about memory improvement on a nightly build release. hope this helps
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    Ok, i made a workaround, every time the scene fades to black, for a second the game pauses, on the pause scene i made a black actor over the entire scene which is not visible when you press pause, but during the game scene art reset is in progress is visible. The player dont notice tha the game pauses for a bit then resumes. memory resets and the overall memory usage gets to 70mb max. No crashes
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    Your comment helped me a lot! thanks
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    Most devices can only handle 175MB before they crash. See my video on doing accurate testing using Xcode instruments with an adhoc. Click the video tutorials link in my signature.
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