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new required size of icon?

hybridhybrid Posts: 183Member, PRO
i just read this today:

it said that apple ask for a new size of icon prior to ios7 launch, im just about to submit an app, but i dont know if this will affect the approval of the app.

as I understand in the message they're asking for future submissions, and its ok for now to use the regular size.


  • RPRP Posts: 1,990Member
    Don't concern yourself with anything iOS7 until it is released and when Apple emails your developer account about the new changes.

    Go by what is here:

    Check out the App Store resource center / App Store submission tips / Creating App Icons for the Home Screen and App Store

    This links to the current required/supported icon sizes.
  • hybridhybrid Posts: 183Member, PRO
    Thanks RP, i will submit the app with the current requirements and see what happen
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