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Actor isnt "jumping"

ZeroRavenZeroRaven Posts: 33Member
edited August 2013 in Working with GS (Mac)
Hi there, I know I post A LOT of questions. Time for one more.
I'm trying to get my actor to jump, up and down, as well as left and right. needless to say he's being finicky, To say the least.
I hit the space bar to jump and its more of a hop. same with left and right.
Im using attribute triggers to detect the "terrain" so he's not jumping in mid air. I'm also using the "Accelerate" function for the actual jump.
Please note scene gravity is 50. However the actor drag is 0, and accelerate speed is 300
Also the jump+left is shown. jump+right is just the opposite with the self.horizontal flip set to false.

Best Answer


  • ZeroRavenZeroRaven Posts: 33Member
    well im trying a different approach using Jamie_c's tutorials, im fiddling with a "
    change velocity" attribute.

    My only concern with your setup is it still requires a collision check for the walking animations for moving while colliding with the platforms.
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