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The Making of CSR Racing

Hi Guys

I see a few posts recently about major games and how they were made. Always interesting to see how the big boys approach everything.

So here is a link to a pocket gamer article about how CSR Racing was made. Hope you find it interesting.


  • BoomshackBarryBoomshackBarry Posts: 712Member
    Interesting read, thanks for posting. I love all these 'making of' features!

    Why not check out my development blog?

  • dayofjackaldayofjackal Posts: 111Member
    Me too. Everyone has a slightly different approach so always cool to get someone elses view, especially when it was a $750k a day game :)
  • BoomshackBarryBoomshackBarry Posts: 712Member
    I couldn't agree more. When there are people out there who are that succesful and are willing to share their viewpoints with us, we'd be crazy not to listen.

    Why not check out my development blog?

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