A few problems for the Gendai Team

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1) In my bullet objects I am using if x > screen_width to destroy them (also makes porting easier for iPhone and iPad), it doesn't work properly on web versions, or the 50% preview. (This is an iPad game I am referring to)

2) When I go from the scene editor to editing the instance of an object, it would be nice if when ?I pressed 'back' it remembered what tabs and such I was on. This would make editing a lot of instances in a scene much quicker than going back and pressing all the same tabs after going back.

3) On the main screen after you open a project, there is an actors and scenes tab. Images and sounds would be a nice addition to these, I believe.

4) Maybe it is just me, but I cannot rename my layers in a scene for some reason.


  • nulonulo Member Posts: 315
    the ability to lock layers and specific objects would be great.
    so when you are editing the scene you don't accidentally move something that wasn't supposed to.

    also, about editing instances. something i would LOVE to see is a pop up window, that shows all the actors info (the same as the left area of gamesalad, but as a separate window.)
    this way, you wouldn't have to double click the instance, go inside the instance, edit it, then use the back button or the scenes tab, then choose another instance, and repeat.
    you would click an instance, it would automatically load its info in this separate window, and you would edit it with ought leaving the current scene page. making editing multiple instances from a scene much easier and faster.

    another thing is when you have a huge list of attributes, it gets kind of boring trying to find that one attribute from the whole list. so if at least the attribute browser could remember when you resize it and highlight the last attribute you used.
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