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sorry about my english, I hope this tutorial can help another. This tutorial is inspired by this discussion :

Which is easier: Replace animations or copy rules?

custom attributes can be copy manually. the problem is caused by different id number.

This is my Step :
Example : we want copy rule from Project_A to Project_B

in Project_A
1. Open Finder, Right click in Project_A file > Show Package Contents
2. Right click in object.xml > Open With > TextEdit
3. Copy the attributes, the point is id ="idxxxxxx".
Example :
< real name="BaseX2" id="id856886" >0< /real>
< real name="BaseY2" id="id485433" >0< /real>

and then
in Project_B
follow number 1 and 2 in above step, then Paste in object.xml
before ....< /game>. Save your changes.

And the last.. open your Project_A and Project_B with GameSalad. You should copy rule from Project_A to Project_B without loss your custom attributes.


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