Hi all! I'm new - and looking for a programmer (simple and crazy Android Game)

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Heya people! :)

Just joined this community a minute ago, because I have a neat idea for a game and I'm looking for a programmer.

Found nothing in the rules that would forbid making such a request, but how does this work exactly?

What's the best way to find someone on this site to actually turn my idea into a game in the Google Play Market?

I can name these attributes: it's supposed to be for Android, involves a move-from-left-to-right-gameplay in a cartoonish medieval-setting. The basic idea is totally simple and ludicrous.

I could provide the drawings, since I'm a cartoonist, but I don't have any time to start studying game-creating-software, let alone starting to program a game myself.

Any suggestions welcome!

Best wishes


  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Member Posts: 5,690
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    Best way is to learn how to use gs by looking at video tutorials and the free templates available (DBA has over 50 free templates, see link).

    If you go down the hire route be very VERY!!! careful as we've heard several horror stories, recently someone stole the concept from a client after he made an initial payment and sent him the design doc he then wanted the client to pay extra as he tried to blackmail him...the client lost his money and concept...be warned we get many emails with similar stories asking us for help.

    There's a lot of decent people for hire here but just be careful.

    It sounds like your an artist so why not try and get a team together and do rev share like myself (coder) Chris (artist) and Ben (musician) do?

    Coders are always looking for decent artists and if you come to the table with some game ideas even better.

    That way you all take the risk vs reward with no cash leaving anyones hands (if your game flops you have only lost your time).

  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Member Posts: 9,914
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    +1 @deepblueapps get a reputable person. Most people on the forum will point you to the reliable people. I myself do work for hire and have complete references. GShelper and DBA are also reputable places to hire coders. It a must to have a design document laying out the concepts gameplay and what and how you want the game to function.
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