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Having a 3rd party submit a game.

I was looking trough the forum and could not find any info on this, so sorry if it's been asked before.

I am almost finished with my first game. It's a kids game and a company decided to fund the game if I used their logo and stuff like that. I suspect they will want to use their companies Apple and Android account to submit the game so it has their name below it. How do I go about this? When I sign the app in the publishing majiggy, isn't it linked to my apple distribution profile?


  • nikkonnikkon Posts: 111Member, PRO
    If they already have an ios developer apple account then you will need to get them to create the certificate and send it to you + the profile domain they used. then sign the app using the cert they sent u.

    There maybe a different way but i do not know of it.
  • vafurlogivafurlogi Posts: 203Member, PRO
    Great, thank you for your answer. I was imagining something much harder.
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