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Which Tablets to Get for Testing Purposes. Please Help!

Hello GS Community,
I am on the hunt to purchase a couple tablets to do my testing on. Already getting iPad and iPad mini so that's taken care of. Just need help on the Android side. I just got a Nook HD+ and think that will work for testing on the nook. Should that one be fine? Next looking at the Kindle Fire HD's. I know there are different screen sizes so which screen size should I go with. Will the 7" be fine? Lastly I am looking at just an android Tablet. Which Android tablet should I go with? I know there are many models like "Nabi", "Samsung Electronics America", "Samsing Galaxy", "Asus MeMo", "Asus Nexus" and I know there's more. I am kind of lost with which I should go with since there are so many so please help! Thanks GS community!


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