Problem with music looping [SOLVED]

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Hey all,

So I have a soundtrack which I want to keep looping on the background (evening sounds), which ends in like 1 minute.
I checked loop, and use a lot of pauze music and return music rules when buttons are hit. Also when i use the 'return music' rule I check loop again 'on'.

All works perfectly. But.. after the track is done, after a minute, the music is off and won't loop back.
This while I checked loop on every rule.

What did I do wrong? And most important.. how can I fix it.

Best regards,

EDIT: Also without the pauzing and returning music it will not loop, I just checked.

EDIT: Ok, my bad. Apparently.. in all the pauzes and returning musics, I forgot to loop the original music. Very dumb of me. SOLVED!

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