GameSalad and I

AppTacoAppTaco Member Posts: 125
Hello GameSalad community,

I thought I would introduce myself. You will probably be seeing me around the forums, answering questions and asking a few of my own. I am still fairly new to GameSalad and am eager to be able to effectively make apps and templates with this awesome program. I figured one of the fastest ways to learn how to use GameSalad is not only to solve my own bugs and questions that come up, but also to try and help other fellow users that might have questions. On that note, I not only look forward to getting to know GameSalad better but also getting to know the gamesalad community. I also thought I might mention that I know @Braydon_SFX personally. He's an amazing dude who is actually responsible for introducing me to GameSalad. :)


- Josh


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