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Arcade games

Hi there I have an android phone and went into the arcade to play the games. But um.. the experience seems very poor. The game does not fill the screen. I have to keep 'pinching'/zooming it and even then it does not fit my android phone tablet or iphone 5. I am not even talking about my oen quick test stuff.
How do you get it to fill the screen and feel more like an app rather a youtube video vers0.01?


  • LumpAppsLumpApps Posts: 2,868Member
    Arcade is ment for desktops. It kinda works on mobile devices but is slow and non responsive. The size is 480x320 px. You can blow it up by copying the share code found on your games page and remove everything around the link like in this example: but that also only works on desktops. I am sure GameSalad will improve arcade in the future.
  • Claudia247Claudia247 Posts: 12Member
    wow - ok thanks @LumpApps as a non pro user its starting to look like a very small universe;-|

    One more question - will it at least embed in facebook?

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