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Help!! Big issue with my scenes rotating!!

expired_012expired_012 Posts: 1,802Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
Hi, so when I view my game on the normal preview on my computer, it works fine, but when I preview it on my iphone some of my scenes rotate on the other side. Is this how it will actually show up when i put on the marketplace?? Should I rotate my scenes so its rotated on my computer preview but normal on my iphone?? Anyone ever experienced this problem?? Please Help!!


  • iPhoneDevForMeiPhoneDevForMe Posts: 362Member
    Check your scene attributes for each and every scene.

    At the bottom of the list is "Autorotate". Check to see what orientations are check marked.

    When some scenes have different orientations checked, it will flip to that orientation when the scene loads. Make sure all scenes share the same orientation support.

    Hope this helps!
  • AppChogieAppChogie Posts: 503Member
    This problem has been doing my head in I have tried everything to fix this and I to still have the problem. :-(
  • expired_012expired_012 Posts: 1,802Member
    Actually I just fixed it. IphoneDevForMe is right, just check your autoratation for each scene under scene attributed and make sure they are all the same (mine were mostly all different so that is why my scenes kept on rotating
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