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App ID

I have been reading the Apple Publishing info in the Cookbook at but it looks like I have already done most of the first two pages but I am unsure about it. Apple's website appears to have changed a bit since this was written.

I have got my game to the stage where I am ready to publish. In development I set up the GameSalad Viewer I created an App ID using my website name and added GSViewer i.e. "com.xxxxxxxxxxx.gsviewer" as instructed. Do I need a new App ID?

On Apple's developer website on the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles page in the left navigation column in Provisioning Profiles/Development I have a profile called Viewer and no profile in Distribution. When I click on + to add a profile should I be choosing App Store or Ad Hoc? The cookbook says App Store but i want to test it on devices first can this be done if I choose App Store?

Sorry to bother people with this basic stuff, this is my first time and it is as confusing as hell.


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