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Types of Builds

estcestc Posts: 13Member
Hi everyone, i have a question in the "Publishing new iPhone game" window under the "Code Sign" portion is there suppose to be "Development" only?? Cause as i read the wiki, it states that there are 3 types of build 1) Development, 2) Ad Hoc and 3) App Store. I just cannot understand why mine only has got "Development". Is there something that i need to download?

Please advise?


  • JCFordJCFord Posts: 785Member
    There are 3 provision profiles:

    1. Development - for you to create and develop your game

    2. AdHoc - if you want to pass your app onto other for testing

    3. Distribution - For final delivery to the app store.

    When you log into the iPhone dev area you can make a NEW provision, So as an example: you would make the Development one for yourself to build and when you are happy you would then make the Distribution one and rebuild your app using this for delivery to the app store.

    Good luck
  • CapCap Posts: 225Member
    Interesting... does AdHoc mean, I could upload a game and tell my testers the link so they can download and test it? Or do I get this wrong?
    If I'm right, this would be a good possibility for the GS community to test games before sending them to Apple.
  • JCFordJCFord Posts: 785Member
    No Adhoc is a single version made to work on a specific device. You need to get unique codes from the end user and then make an AdHoc version for them only. You then need to send the end user the AdHoc app and a unique Provision Certificate.
  • estcestc Posts: 13Member
    Hi JCFord

    My problem is that i don't even have the option to choose from the Code Sign Field... what should i do?
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