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Gamesalad crashing on windows after going to the dashboard and clicking Create New Project.

book2book2 Posts: 4Member
I'm working on the windows version of GameSalad and whenever I go into the dashboard and click Create New Project the program usually crashes saying things like:

"Unable to connect to please check your internet connection."

My internet connection is fine. it's always on.

and even if I DO see the templates load up if I click one of them and click load project the program crashes saying:

"Gamesalad has stopped working" Windows will close the program.

I would like to check out some of the templates.


  • VGXVGX Posts: 796Member
    Delete GameSalad, restart your computer, reinstall GameSalad, restart your computer.

    When you sign in the creator, make sure it's EXACT same when you sign in to the forums.

    That's how I did it before and worked fine.
  • goddessarowyngoddessarowyn Posts: 8Member
    Im having this same issue. I am running a very powerful all-in-one touch screen which handles every other large or difficult program with no issue, but Gamesalad keeps crashing after I attempt to view other templates. Im going to try this suggestion out and see if it works. Otherwise, I'll post an update to this thread. Wish me luck....
  • goddessarowyngoddessarowyn Posts: 8Member
    Nope didn't work. I even tried running the program as Administrator and the template I tried to upload said that it couldn't be found. So I am out of ideas and getting frustrated..... X(
  • hwalehwale Posts: 1Member
    Same problem here.
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