Publishing Issue - "Please check that your network is enabled"

Hey Guys,

I'm having an issue publishing, I get the following error message,

Publishing query could not be validated.
Please check that your network is enabled.

I've noticed a few people posted similar issues and solutions that have worked for them, I have tried a number of things now,

- Rebooting PC
- Reinstalling GS Creator
- Recreating Certificates and Profiles
- Logout/in
- Resetting my Router

and no luck?

Just wondering if I'm missing something, or its an issue over at GS Server side?


  • EIGHTHSINEIGHTHSIN Member Posts: 132
    Can I get some tech support on this issue please?
  • FajlajpFajlajp Member Posts: 666
    If you doing this on a laptop you could maybe take your computer to one of your friends house and test at their network. I don't know if this going to work but you will atleast know if it's wrong with you network(as the ERROR-message says)

    And I sent you a message,please take your time to respond it :)
  • EIGHTHSINEIGHTHSIN Member Posts: 132
    @Fajlajp The network is not the issue, I have just realised that this only happens when I use a GS project file that wasn't created using 0.10.4, if I try and open up a new project in GS 0.10.4 I have no issues publishing, it only occurs when I open up a project that was created in an earlier version.

  • aeseekeaeseeke Member, PRO Posts: 16

    I'm getting this same issue in :(

  • phamtasticphamtastic Member, PRO Posts: 354

    i just got this issue today too... on 11.0.13

  • kipdevkipdev Member Posts: 275

    I am also having this issue, and also did all the above steps to resolve it. So i take it that this is a gamesalad issue. Just great. Last thing I need to do is upload my project to apple, which is already on Android. I have people waiting for the apple version. Been up all night working on it. Then run into this problem. Geeez....been a long day. Hopefully the resolve this soon. Do we need to email gamesalad? or contact them in some way?

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