RUA2-Like Endless Runner Template?

I've been looking around for an endless runner template that includes both horizontal and vertical parallax (like Robot Unicorn Attack 1 & 2) as well as in-app purchases. Multi-level platforms like RUA2 would be a plus, as would curved ground, though neither of these is absolutely essential. Placeholder graphics are fine. I see that dba has a couple of templates that illustrate a lot of useful endless runner dynamics (specifically, their jet pack and nightmare run templates). An option might be to pick those up as starting points and cobble something together, but their description of the nightmare run template indicates that it's not documented (and I'm new to GS). Does that pretty much sound like my best bet (along with working out how to code the vertical parallax on my own in a performant way), or has someone already come up with a (paid) "RUA clone" template for GS that I've somehow missed? Thanks in advance.


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