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Can you republish a game with Pro features after letting Pro membership lapse to fix iOS 7 issues?

Does anyone know if it is possible to republish/compile a game that features Pro behaviors after letting your Pro membership lapse? More backstory from me: I made a game as a hobby last year, and it has happily chugged along maintenance free since then. Once the iOS 7 bugs popped up last week, my game is now breaking like everyone else's. I would just like to do a publish without changing anything so that the iOS crashing issue is fixed. However, I no longer have my Pro membership and the game makes no money so reenabling it for $300 doesn't make any sense. I would hate to have to pull my game, but if I can't get it fixed without paying the Pro membership fee again, then I will have to.

Can you get a one-off publish for this type of thing especially considering that the newly crash-inducing bugs had nothing to do with me but with GS?

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