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Upgraded to IOS 7.02 on my 5S and I cannot load adhoc game! I get Xcode error 0xE8008016

PortymanPortyman Posts: 409Member, PRO
edited September 2013 in Working with GS (Mac)
I can't load an ad hoc game on my device. I get the following Xcode error "The executable was signed with invalid entitlements and does not match provisioning profile". I can load the same ad hoc on my other devices. I was able to load the GS viewer on it so I know my profiles are correct. It this a GS bug?



  • anatomyofdreamsanatomyofdreams Posts: 723Member
    @portyman did you make sure to add your new device (5s) to the list of devices in your ad hoc. If not i can pretty much guarantee that's your problemr ight there. Hope this helps :)
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