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How Can I Make An Actor Collide With Another Actor Without It Bouncing?

FallingBoxStudiosFallingBoxStudios Freelance Graphic DesignerPosts: 822Member
edited September 2013 in Working with GS (Mac)
basically what I'm trying to ask is how to make an actor collide with out bouncing, I have set my character to walk, but I have made 2 actors (walls) to accelerate towards the character, so if the character does not do… (can't share the story with everyone ;) ) in time the walls crash him, I have made the walls collide with the character, and I have set the walls to fixed rotation and 0 bounciness, but my character can still bump into the walls and the walls will bounce away, I want them to collide with him,but they still continue moving towards him, so he can bounce off them but he can't move them, please help me. Thanks - Hunter



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