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App crashing

Hi my name is Gabriel Spiegel, I'm 15 years old and am try to make an app, my first app and it's been rejected three times now due to crashing when player tries to advance after touching the goal. I've tried everything. I'm getting kinda desperate. I can send more information, the zipped app what ever just please I need someone to look at it and see what they can do.


  • JordeyyJordeyy Posts: 409Member
    Pm me the app and ill look at it in gamesalad and see if i can see the problem
  • JagonAppsJagonApps Posts: 241Member
    Wow, I'm impressed you have got thus far without needing one post for help, nice job and welcome to the forums! Good luck!
  • mixupstudiosmixupstudios Posts: 9Member
    How do I send you the app do I send it to an email address?
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