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How can I make a Jump look more clean in Windows version?

goddessarowyngoddessarowyn Posts: 8Member
edited September 2013 in Working with GS (Mac)
Ok, so I run the latest Windows version of GameSalad, and I have started working on a new platformer game where you play as one character. I have animated the character to run when a key is pressed, and so forth, and I have also added the jump attribute. However, when the character jumps in any direction aside straight up, the animation for the jump only lasts for a second, and then the character goes back to its running animation while it's still falling back towards the floor. I have been working for two days on trying to figure out how to make the jump look more clean like in Mario Bros. or Maplestory, but have been unsuccessful. I have watched several tutorials, Jamie-C's tutorial's are awesome, which is where I learned how to program the jump, but now I am faced with a totally new obstacle. Any suggestions or fixes for this is be greatly appreciated.


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