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cezimocezimo Member Posts: 4
Hello, I am brand new to GameSalad.

I've been using mynameisace's template for a parallax scrolling background. However, he/she uses a necessary attribute called "New X" to make the background loop that I don't seem to have. Is this only for pro users?

Also, I realize parallax scrolling is an over-asked question here, but if any of you have links to tutorials, I would be very grateful. All the links on the forums here are old and have expired (and I assure everyone I have scoured the internet and haven't had much success, so I'm not just a lazy person). I've already downloaded Cluv's demo and that one with the cheetah, but they weren't as close to what I need as mynameisace's.

Thank you.

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  • cezimocezimo Member Posts: 4
    Thank you! It works perfectly now. For anyone interested, I had to create the attribute from editing the actor, not the scene (sorry I still don't really know what I'm talking about).
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