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Blind Man's Bluff - now available!

StormtrixStormtrix Posts: 256Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Hey all, well finally got my app approved and available on iTunes now.
It's my first game, very simple, very easy - just really getting use to GS.
I know it's kind of a knock that everyone must have the app to play but that could
be a good thing :) if one guy/girl likes it and wants to play then maybe (after a few drinks) he'll tell his/her friends to get it so .99 might turn in to 3-4 downloads from one group.. who knows.

It definitely can bring some laughs at a party while playing and umm feeling good :)

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Let me know what you think -


  • iggyjojoiggyjojo Posts: 14Member
    3EMEKWKYYYWH - thanks. Reviewed in the app store.
  • StormtrixStormtrix Posts: 256Member
    Morning all,
    Blind Man's Bluff is now FREE on the App Store !!!!!

    Have a good one..
  • EastboundEastbound Posts: 1,074Member, BASIC
    Why'd you opt to make it free?
  • StormtrixStormtrix Posts: 256Member
    Hey Eastbound
    well had the app on the store for a week, post msgs
    on toucharcade, various other app sites like 148apps
    ad well as poker websites and only got 4 downloads
    since it does take more then one person to play
    this silly game I figures why not put 'seed' units out
    there. Get it into more hands for free then maybe people
    will get there friends to try it. I'll put it back to
    .99 in a couple of weeks. 1st day free I got 90 downloads
    according to
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