I Got Neurons! - Web Game - suggestions?

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Any suggestions? Feedback?


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    Overall, I like it. It takes a bit of effort to realize how to play it. I thought that the impulse would travel through it (like a pipe), not roll along the top of it. The Help screen text is a bit hard to read with black text on darker blue background - the glow helps a little. Also, the first time I read the help screen, I read them backwards, starting from the top (not the bottom). The game play itself is good, and the brain science instruction is interesting. Since the impulse rolls along the top of the neurons, you can make them look more like squigly lines instead of grey buttons. Also, when you fail in a level, you get a completely new layout (reset with new positions for everything), so you don't really get another chance to try the same obstacle challenge.

    John K.
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    thanks guys!

    I like the idea of not having the baddies relocate when you fail. I'm going to have to work on that. I decided to use the neuron "tiles" because of GS being limited to rectangular and circular collisions.

    I'll work on the help screen font.
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    made those changes and a few others. Thanks for the help!
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