Testing Advice

william24william24 Member, PRO Posts: 143
I have benefited from the forums and from outside pages (i.e. videos from @FryingBaconStudios and GSHelper, just to name a few). I thought I would take a moment to give something back that I have learned.

Sometimes it is easy to get excited that the app is complete that we may underestimate the importance of having many different people experience the app with fresh eyes before submission. While I tested the app extensively on all devices and had a few people look it over, I think those "fresh eyes" are really important. I really feel that my current app is a good one and it is doing well, but I don't feel that I had a grasp at just how challenging some of my puzzles were in the early stages. Since I created the puzzles, they seemed somewhat easy and as a result, I probably require hints to cost too many coins. I've since submitted an update, but have learned having fresh eyes experience the app beforehand can save a little grief later.

Just my two cents...


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