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Icon for iphone app!!!

expired_012expired_012 Posts: 1,802Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
How do you make an icon for an iphone app? can you make it right from gamesalad? Thanks


  • butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO
    You can't do it from Gamesalad, but if you don't know how to do graphics with photoshop, illustrator, or any graphics programs, you can do one of these things:

    1) Enlist a graphics artist to get an icon for you, I know a few artists who do wonderful work and can do it for you if you need their info

    2) Go to: or google any icon websites and you can purchase directly from their library of icons

    3) Learn how to draw up graphics yourself and create one, which may take more time depending on your experience with graphics programs

    That's basically it!

    Let me know if you need any other help!


    For iphone apps, make sure you have a 512X512 icon, and 57X57

    For iPad apps: 512X512 and 72X72
  • InvincibladerInvinciblader Posts: 1Member
    I have made an icon for an iphone app. I have made a .png file with 512x512 and a 57x57 size file. However when I try to publish this game, it wont let me select my .png file as an icon. Why won't it work?
  • expired_012expired_012 Posts: 1,802Member
    Lol this is a 9 month old thread.

    You don't need a 57x57 icon. All you need is your 512x512 icon and gamesalad will automatically scale it down for you.
  • PIXOMUSEPIXOMUSE Posts: 101Member
    prove it, show me an example... ;)

    Still waiting to see a side by side example of gs's auto icon size conversion ? :)
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Posts: 9,934Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef
    There is nothing wrong with GS icons. It converts it fine and if your not convinced build an adhic build and put your icon in and see for your self. And weather you like it or not this is your only option if you wish to use GameSalad.

    It's not my fault I never learned to take responsibility for anything. ;)

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