Sound Design Services - looking for experience!

Hi Everyone,

I am an audio engineer of 10 years, mostly working in the music industry and am interested in further developing my sound design skills. In addition to working in recording studios, I do a lot of sound design but more in the musical context (creating drum sounds, synthesizer patches etc..)

I came across Game Salad because I was very interested in creating a game myself so I could have something to practice creating audio assets for. I would still like to make a game of my own, but I would like to also offer my Sound Design/Audio services to anyone looking for sound effects and/or music.

I did do sound design and music composition for an iOS release a few years ago titled Tilt Tap Puzzle. It was a lot of fun, and would really like to do more.
Audio Assets can be heard here:
Tilt Tap Puzzle Gameplay here:

I am also the founder and lead sound designer for Mighty Hertz and have been busy creating music sample packs and sound effects packs to release on our store. Although not "game" specific you can hear some of the sci-fi, tones, impacts and assets I've created in our latest Twisted Pumpkin Patch - created with all original recordings and processed by me.
Twisted Pumpkin:

Although I am new to working with game audio, I have years of experience in sound design. I am looking for projects to gain more experience in game audio and of course have fun! Monetary compensation would be great, but the credits, recognition and experience is more of what I'm looking for. I would also like the ability to showcase any work I do on my website and also on my demo reel. The ideal "employer" for me would be someone who is willing to provide me with constructive criticism (I'm trying to learn as much as possible!).

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you all!

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