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Question about PRO use

EarthSpiritEarthSpirit Posts: 7Member, PRO
edited November 2013 in Miscellaneous
Question about using PRO. I currently have access to the pro version of GameSalad through a company I work for that let me use it to program their games. Am I allowed to make my own games using this version separate from the company or do I need to buy my own PRO version? What are the legalities of the situation? Thanks


  • RPRP Posts: 1,990Member
    edited November 2013
    If you want to use GS Pro and use it for YOU, then yes absolutely, positively you need your own GS PRO license. You can already start making your own games with GS basic.

    If you buy a GS pro license and a Apple iOS Dev License (if that is your demographic), then all is even Steven.

    As far as legalities go. Check out the term and conditions set by GS, Apple and other OS/device manufactures you are planning on supporting. It's the Dev way.
  • EarthSpiritEarthSpirit Posts: 7Member, PRO
    Thanks I thought so.
  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasPosts: 2,870Member, Sous Chef
    Most companies have a stipulation that says whatever you create with their equipment, software, etc...Is rightfully their property.

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