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Graviti - Coming Soon...

TillboTillbo Posts: 55Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Hi guys,

My new game I have been working on 'Graviti' is coming soon to the App store (pending Apple approval)

Please check out a video I have done. Once it is approved I'll put some codes on here.


  • wayneh001wayneh001 Posts: 300Member
    Brilliant! Very Good game - I like that one a lot!
    I hope it does well for you.

  • WeswogWeswog Posts: 1,171Member
    Cool game definitely one I will like:)

    Cheers, Weswog
  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Posts: 5,390Member
    very clever concept, i like it
  • TillboTillbo Posts: 55Member
    Thanks for the great comments.

    Hopefully the game will be out next week but I'll keep you posted.
  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    this looks awesome!
  • BarkBarkCoBarkBarkCo Posts: 1,400Member
    I'm impressed! I think the name is a little underwhelming and based on that I didn't expect much, but you have a very fun looking game on your hands
  • synthesissynthesis Posts: 1,693Member
    Great depth and an interesting and fresh concept.
  • iggyjojoiggyjojo Posts: 14Member
    Cool.. like the bass, catchy.
  • TillboTillbo Posts: 55Member
    Hi guys. Graviti has been approved and will be out tomorrow!

    I have some Promo codes so I've posted a few below. If you use one and are able to leave me a review then that would be great...

  • DanielADanielA Posts: 101Member
    Took 66AXER9WNRKL. Ill make sure to review :)
  • TillboTillbo Posts: 55Member
    Thanks for the great review Daniel!

    The game is out today...

    I also have a thread over on Touch Arcade and if anyone is able to post over there then that would be great!
  • TillboTillbo Posts: 55Member
    I still have some codes left so if all the above are taken and you'd like to try out the game (and hopefully leave an iTunes review) then please let me know.

    My Touch Arcade thread is...

    If anyone could leave a comment there to keep it bumped a little then that would be awesome!
  • TillboTillbo Posts: 55Member
    Sorry to bump again but is there no way to edit posts? "Graviti - Coming Soon...." doesn't really work now it is on the App store :( didn't want to start a new thread though.

    Anyway, I while I'm here, I still really need some more iTune reviews :) if all the codes above are taken and anyone wants another please let me know.

    Thanks in Advance...
  • DaneC020DaneC020 Posts: 90Member
    I used NNPTELMPTWYW... Going to check it out now and I will write you a review. :)
  • nulonulo Posts: 315Member
    hey there tillbo. got a promo and will leave a review asap. also bumped your toucharcade thread. if you could do the same for me it would be great =)
  • TillboTillbo Posts: 55Member
    Thanks for that - look forward to the review and I hope you like it.

    Poodle Invasion looks like a lot of fun! I've added a comment to your thread over on Touch Arcade anyway.
  • mandancemandance Posts: 87Member
    EW34YNA63YYW is the code i grabbed (the one above it was taken as well)

    I LOVE the game play for the itouch. I'll be sure to leave a good review where it counts.
  • TillboTillbo Posts: 55Member
    Thanks, looks like all codes above are gone. I have a couple of codes left though so if anyone else wants to give it a go then let me know and I'll sort you out with a code
  • mandancemandance Posts: 87Member
    What did you use for the music?
  • NexusGameStudioNexusGameStudio Posts: 265Member
    Hmm, your game seems awfully familiar. Plays with the idea of gravity just like my game "Gravonaut" that ive been working on for the past month :P

    Good to see the concept works lol. Hope the game does well for you, looks good from the trailer.
  • TillboTillbo Posts: 55Member
    Sorry wasn't aware that you were working on anything similar...

    A number of people have said that it reminds them of Hoggy which I'd never heard of either but appears to be pretty popular :)
  • NexusGameStudioNexusGameStudio Posts: 265Member
    Oh, its all good. I was only kidding and not trying to rip one on ya. Like I said, hope your game is successful :)

    Never heard of Hoggy until you mentioned it, I see the idea is already out there lol.
  • goku9001goku9001 Posts: 33Member
    Love the concept. lot of potential inside...
  • TillboTillbo Posts: 55Member's hoping it does ok.

    Struggling a little with trying to get some momentum with getting the word out. My post over on Touch Arcade has gone quiet now :(
  • NexusGameStudioNexusGameStudio Posts: 265Member
    How are your sales looking thus far?
  • TillboTillbo Posts: 55Member
    Well.....sales were good for the first two days but less so today. Hopefully they will pick up though. I intend to get a free version out with the first world included so hopefully that will help.

    Not had any experience with free versions so bit of an experiment for me.

    As I said my post over at Touch Arcade: started well but difficult to keep it bumped now all Promos have pretty much gone....
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