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Lost HUD position after changed target resolution Posts: 99Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
The follow problem is very important if you plan to develop a game with both target, iphone and ipad, because if you develop your game for one platform, maybe is impossible to adapt into the another.
If you change your target resolution to iPad and then create a HUD layer, not scrollabled checkbox unchecked, put some objects on HUD layer located by the new iPad resolution, then change back again to iPhone target resolution, and then move the objects in order to rearrange to the new iphone target again, the objects does not preview well, the are no object on camera, or on another position. The only way way to see well is to check the scrollabled checkbox, but in this case, you lost the HUD layer functionality : ((
I did reinsert the objects again into the scene, but the same.
I did make a copy of the project, one with the checkbox on the HUD and another without the checkbox in order to compare the content of both project files content, but the only difference is the true or false for that checkbox in its xml file.
I did find into the library->app support too in order to see something, some tmp file or cache file.
Is there any kind of gamesalad cache on the file system?
Any idea? Have you the same problem?


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