Gamesalad and Revmob

Hi all,

I know gamesalad already has revmob integrated and are just working out contracts or testing the new feature (from what I know) Remob is a wonderful ad network that is a high earner for me and I LOVE it. I am actually waiting to publish a few games for this feature.

I recall I time where another awesome ad network, playhaven was integrated. Gamesalad announced they had a profit share with playhaven and I thought that was 100% fair for Gamesalad. Then they told us how they were getting that profit share... They handled all of the accounting for playhaven. That was not necessarily a problem until we learned about the reporting system of the ad revenue. An email once a month after 5 months was unacceptable and then there were errors in the numbers and it was a huge mess.

After that they tried integrating the best ad network out there, the one and only Mobclix (JUST KIDDING) =)) ). This one was an obvious mistake because of their track record of not paying, record low ecpms, and low popularity among developers. Gamesalad needed short term profits to keep the business afloat and to keep investors happy.

Gamesalad is a great company and is amazingly efficient on the small amount of developer resources and probably financial resources they have. It is truly amazing how much better the management of this company has gotten. (I want to say because of @Codewizard but I don't want to give him unnecessary credit because I don't have enough behind the scenes information) I also would like to point out that this company is headed in the right direction in my opinion and they are on the verge of something awesome.

The whole point of this post is to say to Gamesalad, don't screw revmob up! This is your chance to shine brighter than the other tools and get a lot more business. Gamesalad is alive right now because of speed and ease of use. Revmob is the best and easiest way to make money. (Revmob + Gamesalad) = (Speed + Money) = Success!

This won't help people who aren't planning to put ads in their games but for those of us who would like to create a sustainable business on apps, ads are usually a key component!
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