Colorful 2D artist LF work.

Hello everyone,

My name is Svetlana, i'm more or less new to freelance and I’m hoping to find 2D game related work.

You can see my portfolio here:
My strength lays in the fantasy themed & colorful item icons / backgrounds / animals & mobs / maps and creative UI.

You can contact me on, you can also mail me for my Skype info, I’m available on Skype thro most of European day time & evenings.
I’m only interested in paid work.

We can negotiate about costs, it can be either 8$/hour or fixed per item costs, for example:

I take around 4-15$ /item (depending on size & details) sample:
Items :
Ui items :

For maps, depending on size and details varies from 40 – 190$ (handhelds) samples:
Small map :
Huge map (original is 2000pxl x 6000pxl) :
Same applies for background or full pictures:

You might want to consider another artist, if you are looking for modern war arts (it would just turn horrible from me) or “adult art” (if you know what I mean :ar! )

Hopefully we can work something out together! :-c


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