Food Fight! doing oddly well in China all of a sudden... weird

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So Food Fight! has been out over three months now and suddenly it is taking off in China.

As of yesterday it's:
#12 in Family games
#21 in Arcade games
#83 in Games
#210 overall

It's also doing well in Macau and Hong Kong.

I have no idea why, must have gotten a little press over there or something. It's a free game so it's not a big deal, but very interesting. I'd be interested in knowing what the market is like and if gearing a paid game to the market would be a good idea.


Tickle Stones
Food Fight! (free)


  • synthesissynthesis Member Posts: 1,693
    We made #10 in lifestyle in Malta with rum connoisseur ( ). Why???
    Sold 1 app there evidently to 1 of the 10 people that owns an iPod there. :)

    But China is much bigger than Malta...maybe you hit the motha-lode!
    Better update the food fight app with an ad-card for your other game.
  • design219design219 Member Posts: 2,273
    Ha, yeah, the little countries are cool for ranks. FF has ranked very well in many countries that have a dozen iPhones! Looks like it's moved up more today in China. #65 in Games and #155 overall. I'd sure like to know why.

    Good idea about doing an update. I'm not touching it until I get a resolution on the load screen orientation issue however.
  • Rob2Rob2 Member Posts: 2,402
    I love the pixel artist graphics, I think it's great.
  • nulonulo Member Posts: 315
    like synthesis said. update the game with the link of any new projects you currently have to get the best out of this.
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