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Space Bump [OUT NOW] - email me for codes

A3MGA3MG Posts: 152Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
We have some Promo Codes and would really like some ratings and reviews. Email me at [email protected] if you want a code and have time to write a review.

Aim your Orb and bump your way through space in this challenging
35-level arcade-style game featuring a variety of exciting bumpers. Use
the bumpers to guide your Orb to the spiral, warping you to the next
level. Will your mastery of the spinning, blinking, and moving bumpers
in the increasingly complex levels help you conquer the galaxy?


You'll see a 3-second preview before each orb. After level 5, there's
just 1 preview per level. Remember the location of the spiral.

Touch and drag the orb in the opposite direction you want it to go (like
a sling shot). The farther you pull back, the faster the orb will move.
Release to send orb in the direction of the arrow.

There are a variety of bumpers. Use the bumpers to guide the orb to the

The spiral sends you to the next level. You start with 9 orbs. If you
don’t make it to the spiral, you lose an orb. New orb every 5 levels.
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