Concept artist / Illustrator Looking for work

I am talented illustrator/ concept artist with good experience in the game freelance industry. I can produce good quality works within the specified deadlines. I am on the lookout for interesting projects that will inspire me to draw more. You can contact me through my mail id . My works can be seen at Looking forward to work with you.
Best Regards,
Giby Joseph
photo nobleknight.jpg
photo gaurdian1.jpg
photo backup.jpg


  • gibygiby Member Posts: 13
    Bump .....Looking for work again
  • gibygiby Member Posts: 13
    Here is a update...... Available for work again :)

    photo Fire_Exploration_giby.jpg

    photo thumbnail-1.jpg
  • Awesome work man will definitely keep you in mind.
  • WhySoCREATIVEWhySoCREATIVE Member Posts: 75
    Great drawings! You would be great for some cover art.
  • gibygiby Member Posts: 13

    Thank you guys :blush:
    Available for work again
    here Is a recent update.... you can contact me in

  • SajadKazalSajadKazal Member Posts: 20

    you do animations?

  • gibygiby Member Posts: 13

    Hello Sajad unfortunately I don't do animations.
    Hello guys .... available for work again.... you can contact me in

  • gibygiby Member Posts: 13

    bump...available for work again
    here is a can contact me in

  • gibygiby Member Posts: 13

    Here is a recent update you can contact me at gibyjoseph1990@gmail,com

  • gibygiby Member Posts: 13

    Hello guys here is a update.Available for work again. You can contact me at

  • JSprojectJSproject Member Posts: 730

    @giby beautiful artwork!

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKMember Posts: 2,302

    @giby‌ -- lovely! Do you do only characters, or backgrounds as well? How much do you charge (approximately)?

  • FallingBoxStudiosFallingBoxStudios Freelance Graphic Designer Member Posts: 822

    Amazing artwork @giby :)

  • gibygiby Member Posts: 13

    @JSproject‌ Glad you like them :).
    @pHghost‌ Thanks man I work on both characters and environment. You can contact me at or add me at skype in giby000.
    @FallingBoxStudios‌ thanks ^.^. Will post more works soon.

  • gibygiby Member Posts: 13

    Hello .... Bump available for work again ^.^

  • gibygiby Member Posts: 13

    Hey guys here is a update guys..

    You can contact me at

  • ChumCreatureChumCreature Member Posts: 17
    edited October 2014

    @giby You should sign those so that no one takes them. Save a copy of them with it signed in the middle and put those on.

    You'd have the original file as Drawing, and the signed one as Drawing_Signed, or something like that.

    That way people can't just copy your stuff and paste it into MS Paint or something and use it without permission.

    It happened to my sister with some of her art once, so just a friendly precaution.

    Disclaimer: I'm not saying any of you guys are thieves, it's just you never know.

  • gibygiby Member Posts: 13

    @ChumCreature‌ oh thanks for the head up man ...Yup I too have faced similar situations but I try no to block the paintings with watermarks though.

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