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How do I create a scroller that moves where my character is moving?

dandetodandeto Posts: 23Member
I have the floor buttons to make you move, and a character, but I need the scene to move with the character. Any help is very much appreciated! :))

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  • dandetodandeto Posts: 23Member
    It is not a constant runner game. just FYI
  • dandetodandeto Posts: 23Member
    I tried the control camera all ready and It did not work, the hero is on a scrollable layer,
    so I can not figure out how to do it, I have looked a t the cookbook, but will go deeper into that right now.
  • dandetodandeto Posts: 23Member
    that tutorial really helps, Thanks, oh and the control camera behavior worked this time! thank you guys!
  • dandetodandeto Posts: 23Member
  • dandetodandeto Posts: 23Member
    Did you make that tutorial Jamie? since that works It has brought up a new question, how do I get the on screen buttons to move with the hero character, in the same position on the screen, but moving on the same axis that the hero is moving, making this for kindle fire, It requires buttons instead of keyboard movement.
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