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How do I get my on-screen buttons to move with my character?

dandetodandeto Posts: 23Member
I have a character and the scene moves with my character, but the buttons do not! how can I get the on-screen buttons to move with my character? Any help is greatly appreciated :)


  • marplumarplu Posts: 412Member, PRO
    You want your buttons to move? Or to stay? If you want them to move, put them from the unscrollable HUD layer to the normal background layer; if you want them to stay in position do the same just backwards.
  • InovaTechInovaTech Posts: 161Member
    use the follow camera
  • dandetodandeto Posts: 23Member
    ok.... the buttons are already scrollable, I will look again for a follow camera, Thanks!!
  • dandetodandeto Posts: 23Member
    There is no follow camera,I looked and the only thing there is is the control camera for that sort of thing. did you mean create an attribute for "follow camera"?
    I already tried that before, I t doesn't really work, sorry. :(
  • CodeMonsterCodeMonster ACT, AustraliaPosts: 1,078Member
    if you want your actor to stay on the screen, like the screen follow your actor you put the "control camera" behavior in the actor.
    and to make your buttons also stay with the character place the buttons in a non scrollable layer.
  • tahakitantahakitan Posts: 102Member
    check unscroll and it will stick to the camera. its the best and easiest way. coding it gives it more work.
  • dandetodandeto Posts: 23Member
    O.k., I will try both in th manner that they came in, thanks for the info guys! by the way, have to google search this question before I find the answers that i got, is there another way that I should be able to find the answers? they are not in my profile page as far as I can tell.
  • dandetodandeto Posts: 23Member
    Hey, both of your ways work!! thanks to both of you, your Idea's didn't look the same but they turned out to be!! thanks!! ;)
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