Pre-launch marketing?

In my opinion for mobile games it's better to do marketing efforts when you can provide a link to your app in App Store. I'm not talking about basic stuff like website or trailer. I'm talking about forum posts and sending your game to reviewers. So basically I think, there is no point in pre-launch marketing, it's better to spend that time & money after game launch. What's your thoughts about this?


  • BBEnkBBEnk Member Posts: 1,764
    I think most companies start talking up there games and or products weeks,months even years before they get released after all just watch E3.
  • imGuaimGua Member Posts: 1,089
    I'm talking specifically about mobile games. I mean, for example I want to create topic about my game on I think if that topic will not have a link to the app on App Store it will be not as effective. Or for example, I can send a build to reviewer. But if game is not release and this article will not have link to the app, it will make me a lot of less buyers, cause attention span for mobile games is a lot shorter. In a week after this article, most people will forget about my game. But if that article had a link, it could generate a lot more buyers for the app.
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