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Problems with 'playing' new game

I am using a basic account to publish to HTML5 on a Windows 8 PC from GameSalad Creator 0.10.0, using Chrome browser. I am then trying to run the published game both from the GameSalad arcade and from an embedded link from my test site.

Most of the time when the game loads the screen is displayed but nothing happens. After a while, sometimes, the game starts and from that point on seems to work OK. If I refresh the screen it may continue to work, or not.

I would like to invest more time in learning the ins and outs of GameSalad but I do not want to spend the time if the results sometimes work, sometimes not.

I just tried running the game with Windows IE V 11 and the game seems to play every time BUT - there is no sound and the Game Name overlay stays on the screen superimposed on the game.

Are these problems Browser / HTML5 compliance related? or beta bugs?

Can anybody give me any guidance?
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