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Scene Never Loads!

I have a game and all the scenes load fine in about under two seconds. One scene however, when clicked on my iPhone, Never Loads! The spinning wheel just stays there spinning and the scene never changes.
The scene is pretty simple. Just a cover flow store type thing. The scene refers to a table a lot for the cost of actors and other things but thats it!
I currently have nine different items that refer to the table to see if you have enough coins to buy that item. Pretty simple.
Do tables seriously damage loading times or something? Also everything was fine when just loading the items before i added the cost.
Why is this happening? Anyone else had this problem?

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  • FallacyStudiosFallacyStudios Posts: 970Member
    If I had to guess there is a bug in your code. I've had the exact same thing happen with the loading wheel spinning forever. It could be something as simple as leaving out a ')'. Lucky for you, you say yours is a simple scene. Mine was a code monstrosity to dig through looking for it.

    Here is what I would suggest doing. In every single one of the actors on the scene put a Log Debugger behavior. Doesn't matter what you put in it. Just put it at the very top of every single actor in that scene. When you run it, have the debugger open and whichever actor it reaches last should be your problem actor to look deeper into. (If you don't want to use the Debugger you can do it with Display Attribute. Whichever actor doesn't display).

    Basically it enters each actor going straight up the stack from the very bottom actor on the bottom most layer. So most likely one of the actors on the way up is causing the issue. Best of luck and I hope that helps.
  • blue_elephantblue_elephant Posts: 505Member
    Edit: I was working on trying @FallacyStudios method and i cleared my gamesalad viewer which seems to have fixed it :-/
    More later if I have any problems

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