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How can I test my game?

hello guys
I have a nice game and I would like to test it on my ipad 1. I did not find this app in appstore (Utilize GameSalad’s In-App Previewer to test your game) how can i download that in my ipad?
thanks for taking your time.

Best Answers

  • stackpoolestackpoole Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaPosts: 473Member, PRO
    edited November 2013 Accepted Answer
    you have to use the gamesalad viewer to test iAP.

    Use this tutorial and follow all the steps

    Then you have to make a sandbox gamecenter account, so you can buy your iAP without actually paying money.

    Follow this tutorial for gamecenter

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  • InovaTechInovaTech Posts: 161Member
    what is the sandbox gamecenter acc?
  • InovaTechInovaTech Posts: 161Member
    so basically I have to pay:
    -$299/year GameSalad pro user
    -$99/year to be a Apple Developer
    and thats it? I pay that money and I can now publish my games on appstore?
  • InovaTechInovaTech Posts: 161Member
    you guys are awsome!!! I want to go pro to get more benefits either way :D

    to have a iOS Development Certificate I have to sign up as an Apple Developer??
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