IOS publishing and provisioning profiles.

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OK guys, if you had the same problem I did, this will help you out SO MUCH! I tried for hours to publish my app with an explicit app id. Here's a much simpler way of publishing your app then stated in the cookbook:
1. Log into the IOS dev center:
2. In the left hand side go to certificates, identifiers and profiles.
3. Click on identifiers. Here you will create an explicit app ID which NEEDS TO BE the same bundle ID that you provided in the GameSalad iPhone publishing window.
4. Go back to the dev center. Again, In the left hand side go to certificates, identifiers and profiles.
5. Under provisioning profiles click the little plus in the upper left. Select IOS development, then click next. Here you will choose the app ID you created in step 3. Click next. Select all certificates. Click next. If you are prompted to select devices, click select all. Call the certificate the name of your game and dev, so it would be game name dev. Click generate.
6. Save the certificate to the same place you are planning on saving the .app file that you will upload to iTunes.
7. Click the plus button again, and this time select "App Store". You will go through a similar process. Name the certificate distribution_gamesalad and save it to the same place.
8. Now when you sign the app, use both these certificate and it should work! Make sure the iTunes connect status is waiting for upload, and the bundle ID in the Gamesalad publishing window is set to the app ID you made in step 3.
9. From here just follow the same process you would normally do with the application loader. Remember to compress the app before trying to find it in the application loader. I used the Gamesalad YouTube tutorial for this step (it's the last few minutes):

Enjoy and tell me if this works (it did for me). Now the next thing you should do is go ahead and download my app :-h. Here's the link:


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