90 Promo Code for 2 Apps!!!!!!

I will be giving away 90 promo codes from my two apps 45 codes from each of them. It is buy one get the other free.

How is works...

You buy ether

Collin's Journey Through Cancer

Finding A Family

After you buy one of them and if you enjoy it then you can
summit a honest review on the App Store and tell me what you think.
Then all you need to do is email telling me you "review name" to
confirm your review. I will then send you a promo code for the other app. (:

Email: info@bigthinkinapps.com

I hope this deal sounds good it will get you two ebooks
for 1 buck can't get better. This deal will end on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas
Conner Haines

Feel free to ask questions!
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